Tools and Build Pipeline Programmer


Epic Games (March 2019—Present)

■ Maintained the original build system on Electric Commander and the new system, Horde.
■ Performed extensive support and work to add, modify, and manage projects on the build system
with an emphasis on clear, transparent communication and efforts to educate and inform users.
■ Created a tool for analyzing compile times on a per unit basis for VS 2015 and 2017 C++
toolchains generated from UnrealBuildTool as a C# WPF application, CompileTimeAnalyzer.
■ Performed the initial investigation and implementation for Slack integration in Horde.
■ Collaborated with release managers and project owners to improve branching strategies.
■ Worked with IT to perform the initial transition to using cloud resources in AWS for the Horde
build pipeline as well as ongoing maintenance and improvements.

Lone Wolf Development (April 2018—February 2019)

■ Improved and added features to the internal pipeline for processing table-top RPG materials
from PDF files into data files for use in Hero Lab Online.
■ Migrated development from SourceGear Vault to Git.

Lowes Innovation Labs (October 2017—April 2018)

■ Migrated core development to a development environment to protect production users from
breaking changes until they had been thoroughly tested and vetted.
■ Pushed for more oversight on development via code reviews and task/bug tracking.
■ Developed a tray app to interface with in house tooling for asset generation and tracking.

343 Industries (September 2013—October 2017)

Halo 5: Forge – 2016 (Windows 10)
Halo 5 – 2015 (Xbox One)

■ Maintained an extensive legacy code base for user tools and build pipelines taking steps to
refactor and modernize while developing extensive additional features.
■ Developed a user facing build deployment tool that integrated with our build farm. Users can
manage collections of dev kits, PCs, etc. and request a build deployment that is then handled by
farm resources to keep the user’s PC free to continue working.
■ Developed the packaging pipeline for the build farm allowing for Xbox One and PC UWP
packages to be built automatically as part of our nightly builds as well as on demand.

5th Cell Media, LLC. (June 2010—August 2013)

Scribblenauts Unmasked – 2013 (3DS, WiiU, PC)
Scribblenauts Unlimited – 2012 (3DS, WiiU, PC)

Languages and Tools

C#, C/C++, SQL, Visual Studio and VS Code, MongoDB, Perforce, Git, Various Build Systems (both off
the shelf and in house), Powershell, Batch, Python, Jira, Slack, AWS


Build Automation, Working with Content Creators, “Fire Fighting”, Working with Launch Hardware
and SDKs, Debugging, Rapport Building, Adaptability, Very Team Oriented, Very User Focused,
Growth Mindset